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Based in Turkey since 2000, I write mainly about Istanbul and Bodrum. I am the author and editor of the Louis Vuitton Istanbul City Guide (app and print editions, 2015-present).  I am a frequent contributor to Condé Nast Traveller, The Guardian, Wallpaper*, Monocle and Matadorblog about Istanbul with kids on the website for Momcierge, the family travel concierge I founded in 2013. I am a member of Contently.

Author, Louis Vuitton City Guide to Istanbul, app and print editions (2015-present)

Louis Vuitton
Author of print edition
Louis Vuitton
Quarterly app updates
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For Monocle, I prepared the section on hotels for the Istanbul Travel Guide Series Guide (2015), and also contributed to the booklet for Turkish Airlines (2018). 

I have worked many times with Thomas Cook Publishing. While living in New York, I wrote and took the photos and updated Independent Traveller's USA (2001). I also updated the sections on Spain, France, Italy and Turkey in Independent Traveller's Europe by Rail (2006), spending an amazing month traveling solo by train from Barcelona to Istanbul (twice).


For Apa Tasarım, I wrote the Introduction to Istanbul, Contemporary Cuisine, a cookbook by Lale Apa and Hande Bozdoğan (2010). I also translated Southeastern Anatolia Guide: A Panorama of Civilization--the first-ever guide to the region--an EU-sponsored project (2007) (Turkish to English). Both books won Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Author, THY/Monocle advertorial (2018)
Author of hotel section
Apa Tasarım
Author of Introduction (2010) *
Apa Tasarım
Translator of EU-sponsored guide
(2007) **
Thomas Cook
Author: Spain, France, Italy, Greece (2006)
Editor (2003)
Thomas Cook Publishing
Update researcher (2001)
Thomas Cook
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* 2010 Gourmand World Cook Book Awards, Special Prize of the Jury

** 2009 Gourmand World Cook Book Awards, Best Culinary Travel Guide (3rd place)

A selection of travel journalism

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Marriott Traveller
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Top 10 Luxury Suites in Istanbul (March-April 2015)
Article on the Aegean (2015)
Thomas Cook Travel
Turkey in 10 Objects (2014)
Mandarin Oriental Magazine
Bodrum Beckons (2014)
Jazeera Airways
Day Trips from Istanbul (2014 - Arabic)
#bunk hostel review (2013)
The Guardian
Top 10 budget beach hotels on the Aegean coast (2013)
The Guardian
Karaköy, Istanbul's coolest new hotspot (2013)
The Guardian
A Day in Cihangir, Istanbul (2013)
Istanbul, The Guide
Sightseeing in Istanbul (2008)
The Sydney Morning Herald
How to chill out in Europe (2005) Assos
Review of Orhan Pamuk's 'The Black Book' (1996)
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Other publications...

1996-2010: Over 100 articles for Istanbul, The Guide (the city's first English-language lifestyle magazine) about arts, culture and entertainment,  including almost the entirety of its 100th special issue, as well as articles for its Bodrum, Ankara and Antalya editions.

2004-2007: Managing Editor of 34, a global lifestyle magazine based in Istanbul, under editors John Weich and Adam Eeuwens (founded by Murat Patavi).

2001-2005: Translator of The Gate (Doğan Burda for TAV Airports Holding), a travel magazine about Turkey distributed at Turkish airports (Turkish to English).

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